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Top of pageMouse models of altered Akt functionRecent genetic studies in mice have further increased our understanding of Akt signal transduction in vertebrates, but they have also indicated that our present understanding of the Akt signaling cascades is incomplete. Two different Akt genes have been disrupted in the mouse germ line. The resulting animals are viable, but depending on which Akt isoform has been deleted, they either show significant retardation of growth and reduction of body weight mulberry bags or defects in the Mulberry regulation of blood glucose levels following insulin stimulation. Akt1 null animals show certain organ specific changes in apoptosis regulation, but the phenotypes of knockout animals are not as pronounced as expected when considering the pivotal role of Akt in signal transduction. The sole fact that both independent mutants are viable, with only a subtle difference in phenotype, may indicate the capacity of the three Akt isoforms to compensate for each other. In support of this idea,cheap mulberry the phenotype of Akt1 Akt2 double null animals shows severe dwarfism, handbags atrophy of multiple organ systems (including the skin and skeletal muscle) and failed adipogenesis,and no significant increase of apoptosis induction is observed. One possibility for this is that Akt3 compensates for the loss of Akt1 and Akt2 functions. However, further studies will be required to determine whether additional mechanisms exist to compensate for the loss of Akt function or whether the most important function of Akt is indeed to control cell size, which is severely affected in these animals.

Transgenic studies have also been performed by expressing mutant Akt from tissue specific promoter systems. Studies using activated Akt1 in T cells have found increased apoptosis resistance, tumor formation and increased autoimmunity in aged transgenic animals. Studies using overexpression of activated Akt1 in mouse mammary glands or neural progenitor cells have observed a higher incidence of tumor formation, but only when Akt1 transgenic animals were crossed with animals carrying activated alleles of mulberry ras or animals expressing mutated middle Mulberry oncoprotein mulberry outlet that leads to increased activation of Ras. In the mammary model, apoptosis that physiologically occurs during the involution of the mammary gland when pups are weaned from their mother was suppressed. Several other groups have also studied the importance of Akt in tumor models, including ovarian carcinoma.

In only one case, prostate restricted activation of Akt in mice was shown to be sufficient to induce cell proliferation [prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, resulting in phenotypic changes (bladder obstruction) (Majumder et al., 2003). In all models, however, a role for Akt in the regulation of cell size was observed. This may indicate that the Akt pathway is not selective to tumorigenesis, but rather acts mainly through the regulation of handbags cell size and cell metabolism. Taken together, these data suggest that Akt1 expression by itself, in general,mulberry bags does not promote oncogenic transformation, even in systems where PI3K overexpression causes transformation (Aoki et al., 1998; Zhao et al., 2003). However, Akt1 expression is required to promote the tumorigenic properties of PTEN Mulberry and when Akt mutation and other oncogenic alterations coincide, aggressive tumors are formed. Thus, Akt resembles Bcl 2 which does not transform cells directly, but 'assists' oncogenes such as Ras through apoptosis suppression mulberry bags. Whether similar results can be obtained with Akt2 or Akt3 alleles remains an important question, also in light of findings that show their increased expression in tumors.

Top of pageAkt: a direct downstream target of PI3KCritical to the understanding of the regulation of Akt in cells was the finding that Akt kinase activity is induced following PI3K activation in various growth factor receptor mediated signaling cascades. PI3K phosphorylates phosphoinositides on the 3' OH position of the inositol ring,cheap mulberry and second messenger products of the kinase reaction in growth factor stimulated animal cells are phosphatidylinositol. Findings of phosphoinositide specific phospholipid phosphatases including PTEN further increase our understanding of second messenger Mulberry signaling by phospholipids and the regulation of phosphoinositide metabolism in cells.

The exact mechanism of Akt activation by PI3K has been studied thoroughly, and it is initiated by the binding of specific 3' phosphorylated phosphoinositides to the Akt PH domain.mulberry handbags which specifically and shows a relatively higher affinity for the binding of PI 3,4 P2. The binding specificities of different PH domains for different phosphoinositides have been confirmed by structural studies,handbags and the specificity of the Akt PH domain for both PI 3,4 P2 and PIP3 may be relevant for achieving an extended signal of Akt activity in cells Mulberry.mulberry york An important consequence of the initial binding of Akt to the plasma membrane bound phosphoinositides is the relocalization of the cytoplasmic Akt protein to signaling complexes at the plasma membrane. Deletion and mutation studies have found that the PH domain is critical for mediating this relocalization, in agreement with its ability to bind phospholipid second messenger molecules